Revenue Sharing

The Premiere Team Revenue Share system takes 3% of the Adjusted Gross Commission and creates a, “Pool” of revenue and divides it 5 levels paying a dividend to each agent who refers agents, or has referred agents, to Management in an effort to help grow the office.

If, and when, those agents join and have closings, revenue is disbursed as a benefit to the sponsoring agents for their assistance ~ just like a referral fee.  The breakout of the full 3 % Revenue Share “Pool” is provided below as an example:

1)  You refer an agent who joins the Premiere Team; you become the Level 1 Sponsor of that agent.  (Please note: We do not expect you to recruit!  That’s the Manager’s job!)  Should that agent refer another agent who joins, you become the second agents Level 2 sponsor and so on.  The system allows for 5 levels of sponsorship.

2) To illustrate how the program works, let’s say you recommend an agent to management; the agent makes an appointment to meet with us and eventually joins the Premiere Team. Shortly after joining, the agent closes a sale of $300,000 with a 3% commission ($9,000).  We multiply the adjusted gross commission by “Point Zero Three” (.03) to determine 3% of the $9,000 commission.  In this example, the adjusted gross commission of $9,000.00 x .03 equals $270.00. That amount is referred to as the, “Pool”.  The total of $270.00 is divided among up to 5 levels of sponsors.

3)  The $270.00 “Pool” is divided at the 5 percentage levels listed below:

  • The Level 1 sponsor gets 50% of the, “Pool”………… $135.00
  • The Level 2 sponsor gets 25% of the, “Pool” ……… $67.50
  • The Level 3 sponsor gets 12.5% of the, “Pool” ……. $33.75
  • The Level 4 sponsor gets 7.5% of the, “Pool” …….. $20.25
  • The Level 5 sponsor gets 5% of the, “Pool”……….. $13.50

Participation is voluntary – again, we understand, and accept, that it is not the agent’s job to recruit; however, if you wish to participate by referring agents to Management, the rewards represent a unique additional revenue flow available to Premiere Team Associates.  Dividends are paid to the sponsoring agent for as long as those agents sponsored are productive members of the Team.  Our goal is to grow the office and help agents grow their business.  As the office grows, so does the money shared with agents.  By not only encouraging growth, but rewarding it ~ We all WIN!