Jeff Brannon – Austin, TX

I have had the great pleasure of working along side of Tony Romero at Premiere Team Real Estate. Tony serves as a Broker Consultant at our firm and offers a wealth of information and experience. He also has proven to be a dynamic trainer and helps to inspire the troops on a daily basis. Being very approachable, Tony maintains an open door ready to help, assist, teach, mentor, or coach both veteran agents to the newest in the industry. Tony helped me when I first came into the industry full time as a Real Estate Agent. His constant idioms, examples, and ideas helped to ensure my success as a new agent. He has the great ability to connect with you and pull out the talent in a short time! We are lucky to have him with us and I’d highly recommend if you have an opportunity to have him speak to your agents — do so! You can learn more from Tony in 5 minutes than you can at most 2 hour MCE classes!! Tony Romero is top notch, professional, witty and a class act!

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

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