Thank God for this woman. Jaci Wells with Premiere Team Real Estate was a godsend in a time of great need. She helped me negotiate a tough deal when looking for a rental and was prompt, professional and flexible with meeting me. Even with short notice. I’m endlessly appreciative for her knowledge, quick use of resources, creativity and out of the box but solid methods. You want Jaci in your corner for all of your Real Estate Needs. When I’m ready to buy she will be the only agent I work with.

Ruth Berny – Austin

My experience with John Guerra and Premiere Team Real Estate was very customer-service oriented. He listened carefully to my housing needs and addressed my search inquiries and preferences with an open demeanor. He was generally patient, calm, attentive, understanding, and willing to work with my schedule. He graciously took the time to do the extra legwork of contacting other agents, brokers, etc to make inquiries, problem-solve, or negotiate lease terms and was quick to offer moral support and empathy when the quest was not looking fruitful. It was a pleasure to work with John and I would recommend him to others on the hunt for housing.

Diane Carrico – Austin

Jaci Wells is an extremely competent Realtor and did an incredible job helping me buy me first house. I’m really happy with both the houses and her assistance throughout the whole process. Thanks again, Jaci and Premiere Team Real Estate

Josh D Anderson – Round Rock

Jakki Chambliss with Premiere Team Real Estate helped my husband and I find the perfect rental house. We had very specific requirements about where we lived and what features the house had, but she got to work helping us find lots of excellent options to consider. Jakki is reliable, non-judgmental, and cares about her clients. When we had questions about properties or wanted to negotiate particulars with the owners Jakki got on the phone and communicated with their realtor to get us the answers we needed fast. In the end, my husband and I are now living in a lovely home with wonderful neighbors. I would definitely recommend Jakki to anyone in the market for a new home.

Lydia Sweet – Austin, TX

Jaci Wells made my recent transition EXTREMELY easy and actually pleasant. She answered every question (I had a lot) and at any time I needed. From start to finish Jaci with Premiere Team Real Estate was amazing. In less than a week we had found the ideal place and finished all paperwork and formalities. I would 100% recommend Jaci for any of your real estate needs! Thank you Jaci!

Amber Carr – Austin

Jaci was so helpful on short notice and def went above and beyond to help us find a new house. From answering questions, showing us houses on a Sunday, and meeting here there and everywhere for deposits she was amazing! We could not have made such a quick and smooth transition without her.

Mindy Wellman – Leander

“We were so fortunate to have worked with Jose Vargas when it came time to look for our first home. As our realtor, he helped us find the right house, in the right neighborhood for the right price. From day one, Jose Vargas was patient with us and responsive. He was always on our side working to make our home purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Jose Vargas was that he was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us great advice and finding the home that met our needs than he was on closing the deal. In short, if the time ever comes when we will be looking for a new home, there isn’t any question in our minds on who our realtor will be!

Premiere Team, you should be proud to have such quality of a person representing your institution. It has been our pleasure to work with such a professional realtor as Jose Vargas with Premiere Team Real Estate.”

LUIS PEINADO – Cedar Park, Texas

“As a first time homebuyer, I admit I was pretty nervous, timid, and uneducated on the whole process of buying a home, almost to the point where I thought about just renting forever (haha). Jaci Wells changed all of that. From the start, she was able to meet with me, talk through my goals and priorities, and connect me with the right lender who continued that level of support and professionalism throughout the process. I was really impressed with how well informed Jaci was with the geography of the greater Austin area, and could really help me narrow down my search based on what I was looking for. We looked at various new builds, newer communities, and open houses before I fell in love with my (now) home. Jaci could sense how happy and excited that house made me, and from that moment, she fought to make it happen, without ever making me feel pressured. I closed on my house last week, and couldn’t be more thrilled! Now, I am already connecting her with friends that are in the market to buy, just because I know they will benefit from having a realtor like Jaci Wells. I highly recommend her to not just first time buyers, but to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I know I wasn’t!”

Kristopher Martin – Round Rock

“Mike Cusimano is an excellent Realtor and really knows his trade well. He sold my unique house on Lake Travis in 21 days and found me my dream home shortly thereafter as well. Mike’s level of communication and client service was top notch. I will definitely use Mike again and highly recommend him to all of my friends, family and co-workers.”

Linda Hubbard – Austin Texas

“I really liked working with Jaci Wells with Premiere Team Real Estate. Jaci is great with communication and working with difficult situations. I plan on using her to buy multiple houses and would highly recommend using her services.”

Chris Anderson – Austin

“I had my house on the market in 2016 for several months by with another Realtor with nothing but a dead end and my house in Scofield Farms was listed well below its true value!

I have known Mike Cusimano and his team for a long time as he helped me with some rental properties many years ago.  After meeting with Mike, He and his team suggested repairs/upgrades which I believe was worth the investment as he personally provided suggestions of colors/materials to use and different contractors to complete what we thought was important.  He was able to sell my home when the market was not peeking and getting what we wanted.  Mike was able to keep the communication going throughout the selling process and he knew without any hesitation that when he received a decent offer he was quick to act on it and was able to negotiate acceptable terms. I would highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone buying or selling.  I plan on using Mike when I decide to sell my other property in Pflugerville.  A Job well done for his team members and staff that worked behind the seen.” – Mel & Edna Davis


13414 Creole Cove Austin Texas 78727

“Dear Mr. Hill,

As you know, before I came to Texas, I was involved in real estate lending, in Southern California, for over twenty years. During that time, I have to say, many of the people I worked for, and with, left much to be desired, from a knowledge, or ethical, standpoint.

I wanted to tell you, and Mr. Cusimano, how impressed I am, with Premiere Team’s training videos. The scope, and depth, of Mr. Cusimano’s knowledge are REALLY impressive. Not only are the videos full of valuable, and useful, knowledge, about things I didn’t know I didn’t know, but Mr. Cusimano’s personality, and ethical standards, REALLY come through.

Coming from the lending side, I did not know much about being a realtor, and I was very concerned. I didn’t know how well my knowledge, and skill-set, would translate, or how I might be able to apply them. Therefore, I held back, trying to “test the waters”, without getting in too deep.

After seeing the training videos, I am MUCH more comfortable. Although I can see I have much more to learn, I can say that my misgivings have dissappeared. Now I feel like, regardless of the situation, I can rely on Mr. Cusimano to know the RIGHT thing to do, and to DO the RIGHT thing. But, much more importantly, I feel like, if I make a mistakes, there will be someone there who is capable of helping me to overcome them.

I can’t wait to get started, in earnest, and I look forward to many years of success, at Premiere Team Real Estate.”

Bob Micklos – Austin, Texas

“Thank you so much Mike Cusimano for your help in selling our property. Throughout the process you and the other members of Premiere Team Real Estate always responded to our questions quickly and efficiently. One of the things I appreciated most was that you always “touched base” with us every couple of weeks with an update to assure us that all was going according to schedule. We never felt out of the loop because you were always accessible. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Peggy Hudson – Austin, Texas

“We moved to the Dallas area a few years ago and decided to lease our home in the Cedar Park area. The Premiere Team Management is our property management company and we have been extremely happy with their services. We receive quick response to communications and concerns from both us and our renters. We highly recommend Mike Cusimano.” – Mike & Janice Haecker

Mike and Janice Haecker – Cedar Park, Texas

Kari Darnell with Premiere Team Real Estate was Exceptional!!! Great Service and Work Professional!! Kari received a 5 Star rating the client survey sent.

Jonah Schmidt – Pflugerville, Texas

Oh my gosh! Laura Rosales went above and beyond the call of duty! As an out of state homeowner, I relied on her for everything and she came through for me! Kept me updated every step of the way, fought my battles for me and kept her cool, even with my constant questions! Thank you Laura, I will be calling you in the future.

Posted by Premiere Team Real Estate

LMONTOYA65 – Round Rock, TX

Laura has an impeccable knack for taking care of her clientele the way I have seen few Agents master so well. She goes well above the minimal standards of customer services and gives this industry a great name. I would highly recommend Laura Rosales with Premiere Team Real Estate as your next Real Estate Agent.

Mr. Posey – Austin, TX

As soon as I met Laura Rosales with Premiere Team Real Estate I knew I had been wasting my time with my previous Realtor. Laura helped me find the perfect home for me and my family. Always there when I need her and went above and beyond to help, she has so much knowledge of the whole process from start to finish. I was blessed to have her and would recommend her to anybody buying a home.

Trent Highly – Cedar Park, TX

Laura Rosales with Premiere Team Real Estate was extremely professional but at the same time very personable and friendly. She is very knowledgable and really goes above and beyond what I ever thought an agent should do- she really is just flat out awesome!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone on the house hunt!!

Rayna Crabtree – Austin, TX

Laura Rosales with Premiere Team Real Estate is an outstanding Realtor. She’s knowledgeable, professional and always responsive. She did an outstanding job marketing our house and advising us on everything involved in the process. We can’t recommend her enough and would never work with another realtor so long as she’s in the business.

Twin Oak – Cedar Park, TX

I knew Jim Schaffrath was more than just your average real estate agent from his first e-note to us in California! Since we were house-hunting from 1300 miles away, things could have become very frustrating, very quickly – BUT Jim kept us calm on our end, and did a lot of legwork on our behalf on his end. He quickly proved to us that he was a “true” real estate professional; visiting properties for us, then reporting back promptly. His communication with us was always informative, consistent, and most importantly, HONEST! Not only did he help us find the perfect neighborhood to set down new roots, he’s turned into a heck of a friend! I wholeheartedly recommend Jim Schaffrath for your real estate needs, whether you’re moving across town, or coming to the great state of Texas from across the country!

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Jim Tucker – Round Rock, TX

I would absolutely recommend Karin Darnell with Premiere Team Real Estate to any home buyer in the Cedar Park/Leander area. Karin was quick to respond to all of our questions and toured many properties with us. She is knowledgeable in regards to market trends and location, and negotiates with the selling agent to maximize the budget.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Casey and Brian Burns – Cedar Park, Texas

“Rue possesses a high degree of drive, passion and detail in all endeavors she undertakes personal and professional. I can think of few people I would trust more to drive a major transaction than Rue due to her sincere disposition and desire to become a subject matter expert in any expenditure of her valuable time. Personally, and besides my wife!, she is the most consistent, caring and disciplined parent proven by her daughter’s multiple successes. We could all take a lesson from her work ethic and management ability in all phases of her life. She has been a mentor and dedicated friend.”
~Cliff Dean, Account Executive, Tower Group

Cliff Dean – Austin, TX

“I have known Rue for many years and her Integrity has never been in question- Great personality and can communicate with anyone.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Dr. Gary Albertson – Austin, TX

“Rue Dwyer is an extremely energetic and knowledgeable woman. In touch with everything that is Austin and the surrounding areas. I always look forward to working with her, and she is always the first person I call. My highest recommendation, especially if you’re moving into town.”

James Millard, Pilot – Austin, TX

“For as long as I have known her Rue Dryer has been a hard working perfectionist as well as inspiringly talented. I have always thought she should have been a Marine like me. But I’ll take her as my real estate agent any time. Rue has my upmost respect from one broker to another.”

Sean Endsley – Evergreen, CO.

Karin Darnell is simply the most dynamic and responsive Agent that I have deal with. She has a wealth of knowledge that is very helpful, when making decisions and has great personality that makes it very easy to work with her.

Miguel Vera – Austin, Texas

“I have known Rue for around 9 years and we have had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects related to the future of homes. Rue has a comprehensive knowledge of the housing market, home construction, interior design and finishing as well as how homes of the future will provide interactive and responsive connectivity with its occupants. She has a great understanding of how to merge the aesthetic with the technical.”
~Derek Woodgate, Owner, The Futures Lab, Inc

Derek Woodgate – Austin, TX

Hey Mike Cusimano,

Just wanted to tell you – you ROCK!!! I am very grateful to be a part of Premiere Team Real Estate. You are a wealth of knowledge and I have learned so much more in the few transactions I’ve been a part of with Premiere Team Real Estate than I ever did in my year and a half over at ZipRealty.

I look forward to making 2015 a very successful year for both myself and Premiere Team Real Estate.

Astrum Lucis – Austin, Texas 78750

Wife and I had the unique opportunity (for us) to buy a new home before selling our present one. We found the perfect location and house for “empty nesters” 3 hours north, bought it and moved in while knowing we couldn’t financially sustain 2 homes for very long. So we needed a realtor who could sell the home we just moved from quickly without pricing it under market value. And because the new home was a long drive away, our realtor would also need to be willing and able to watch over the property we were selling and supervise the contractors we hired to put the house and yard in tip-top shape. The first realtor we met provided the customary printout of comparables but we just couldn’t communicate. It seemed that for most questions I asked, his answers addressed something different. The next realtor advised us to spend tens of thousands for “upgrades” to conform with the newest interior design trends. Had her advice been followed, we would have spent far more on remodeling than we’d ever recoup from the resultant property value increase.

Our wish for finding a first rate realtor and realty company was granted when we were introduced to Mike Hill with Premiere Team Real Estate who had just sold a neighbor’s house in about 2 weeks. Mike provided us with much more that just the usual list of comparables: He put together a marketing plan and a strategy, gave us solid advice on what we could do to improve “curb appeal”, and guided us away from spending money for renovations which would not add value for a buyer. We also received a short list of tried-and-true contractors compiled by the company Mike is Team Leader for, “Premier Team Real Estate”. Wife and I were impressed with Mike’s extensive knowledge, practical experience and honest and upfront demeanor. We agreed that he would be our best shot to sell our home quickly and for a fair price and Mike was confident he could do it. We allowed 3 weeks for the painters, lawn and landscape service, and house cleaning service we chose from Premier Team’s list to get the home “move-in ready”. They all did superlative work at reasonable cost and met their target dates. Mike knew each of the contractors personally so there was no hesitation giving them lock box access. Mike supervised their work and kept me up-do-date on how they were doing. It was a great experience knowing everything was being taken care of without wife or I having to make trips back and forth between homes to check up on progress.

Mike took all the pictures and wrote all the captions for the MLS listing succinctly, factually, and without exaggeration. Potential buyers would not feel misled or be disappointed when they saw the house and property. So how effective was Mike Hill and Premier Team Real Estate? Our home sold 1 day after it hit the market and for more than the list price! While I know that was just unbelievably good luck, I also know that without Mike putting his heart and soul into getting or home market-ready, as did our contractors, we probably would not have attracted that buyer.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Steve Feldman – Cedar Park, TX 78613

Jose redefined service for me. I was in search for an investment property in an area that I didn’t much about and felt desperate. There were so many options and so many things to consider. Jose took all of the guess work away. I am delighted to say that the purchasing experience was so good that I decided to engage in other investment properties thanks to Jose”

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

John Strader – Kissimmee, Fl

Jose was an answer to my prayers! At the time I found Jose I was a young man that didn’t know much about purchasing a home except that I was ready to make the next steps. Jose was extremely patient, thorough, knowledgeable and practical from beginning to end. He was so good that he became our family agent. All of my family members that have had the opportunity to work with him are just as satisfied as I am!”
David Arocho, Orlando, FL

David Arocho – Orlando, FL

Buying a home seemed to be such a challenging undertaking. I am so grateful that Jose came along! He made purchasing a home a breeze. I will definitely be utilizing Jose’s services on my next purchase.
Edyson Tavarez, Riverview, FL

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Edyson Tavarez – Riverview, Fl

Being a first time home buyer, I had so many questions. As I was looking for the right agent and after searching and searching, I found Jose. He seemed to be the only one with the patience and experience that I needed. I was grateful to find someone who was able to communicate with my Spanish speaking family members. Thanks again Jose!”
Christina Avila, Oldsmar, FL

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Cristina Avila – Oldsmar, Fl

I am delighted to say that I was extremely impressed by the level of service provided by Jose. I am an experienced business person and I wanted to diversify my investments. Jose helped me define, create and execute my investments in the real estate market. I was impressed with his insight. The process was so effective that ended up purchasing multiple properties with Jose and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Elena Wong, Puerto Rico

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Elena Wong – Puerto Rico

I felt great when I met Jose and he told me the things I could do with my home and some extra cash that I had, he helped me in the leasing of my home and found me a beautiful home with land which I made my main residence. One year later Jose helped me in the purchase of another piece of land and I can happily said that my husband and I are very grateful for the work and extra effort that Jose put in everything he does.
Claudia Delgado, Austin, TX

Claudia Delgado – Austin, TX

Jose was very knowledgeable about the area and the market. He was very accommodating when going out with us to help find the perfect home. He consistently kept our likes, dislikes, and musts in mind. He strived to maintain a relationship with seller’s agents which eased communication when we ultimately placed an offer. Ultimately we found our perfect home and although our mortgage company was not great and we had many bumps in the road with them Jose, kept us up to speed and maintained consistent communication. Great guy! Great agent! Great choice to help you buy a home!!!

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Claudia Rivera – Round Rock, TX

Mr. Jose Vargas helped me purchase my home, after searching for a good neighborhood, not only did he worked with me, he also took care of the paper work ,I have own 4 houses and he is one of the best Realtor I have worked with. I have also recommended him to some of my friends and they are very happy with him.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Ramon Rivera – Taylor, Texas

I had a wonderful experience with Jose when I bought this house and when I sold it in 2013. I would strongly recommend Jose to anyone who is looking for a top notch Agent to either assist you buying or selling your home or whatever type of real estate you may be interested with. This time and day when honest and ethical people are hard to find, Jose will provide you with these and many other traits that are absent from people now days.
Louis Moreno, Round Rock, TX

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Louis Moreno – Round Rock, TX

March 21, 2015

RE: Professional Realtor Jose Vargas
We first met Jose Vargas in 2013 when we were selling a house we owned near Bastrop, TX. We listed this property with a local realtor and Jose represented the buyer. During this sale, we worked with Jose and he acted professionally and promptly in every way. His being multilingual definitely helped to make this sale successful for all parties. The sale took place in about one month and without any problems. Both parties were very satisfied.
In 2014, we decided to sell our house in Bastrop and build a home on Lake Livingston. We asked Jose to be our listing agent for this property since he performed so well before. He worked diligently to sell this property quickly and at the price we were asking. The deal was completed in about 6 weeks since the buyer wanted to move in before school started.
Since we moved away from the Austin area, we decided to sell a rental property we owned in Austin. Once again we asked Jose to list the property for us and the house was sold in about one month. Jose jumped through hoops to gather all the important documents requested by the Title Company and get the deal completed quickly. In our opinion, Jose exceeded all our expectations to make this sale successful.
We would strongly recommend Jose Vargas to handle any real estate needs. He is both professional and very pleasant to work with.

Larry and Helen Ingle

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Larry and Helen Ingle – Austin, TX

If you’re thinking about listing your home you need to talk to Jose Vargas. While it might not seem that the listing agent matters, we can tell you that it definitely does matter. Jose provided a high level of excellence: he was patient, very responsive and expressed a genuine desire to help us during every step of the process. He has the heart of a teacher. We worked closely to put together a solid game plan and he provided valuable wisdom along the way. As a result, we were able to sell our home faster than we had anticipated and at a great price. We are very happy to give Jose our highest recommendation for anyone thinking about selling or buying a home. ~ David and Joyce Garcia (Round Rock, TX)

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

David and Joyce Garcia – Round Rock, TX

We are successfully pleased; and in our opinion realtors like Suzanne Gharavi are what we need on any institution to provide the necessary treatment to the customers. Additionally we take this opportunity to let you know that we are pleasantly surprised with the effective service provided by your institution. Once again thanks to PREMIERE TEAM

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Luis Castellanos and Adelaida Juez – Austin, Texas

Mike (Cusimano and The Premiere Team) is the best REALTOR to work with!

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Chin Nguyen and Phan Pho – Austin, Texas

Suzanne Gharavi and Premiere Team were wonderful to work with – THANKS =)
Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Linda DuToit and Joel Chapa – Austin, Texas

Russell Jones did a great job! The Premiere Team staff did an excellent job as well.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Damon and Adrienne Fleury – Austin, Texas

I worked with Curtis Dulansky when looking for a home in Austin, TX. He was very professional in his approach to finding my current home. Was always on time; available to answer questions at any time; knew the properties in detail before I viewed them, and worked hard to make sure I found the best property.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Brenda Mastin – Austin, Texas

Linda Bishop, Owner/Manager Weichert, Realtors® – Barton Harris & Co., Austin, TX We hired Tony to train our realtors on various subjects such as goal setting, contracts, negotiating, sales, etc. Our entire office was very impressed with his presentation. He kept everyone’s attention and we all learned something new. He’s very entertaining. I intend to hire him again. He’s great!

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Linda Bishop – Austin, TX

Roger A. Sturgell, Former President Austin Board of REALTORS® Island Time Real Estate Group, Galveston, Texas Tony and I both worked at Avalar Real Estate in different offices as well as at Keller Williams Realty in the 90’s. Tony with out a doubt is the best and most talented recruiter for real estate I know not to mention a very good manager of agents. You can’t help but not to love his enthusiasm and admire his knowledge of the real estate business.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Roger Sturgell – Galveston, TX

Cindy Baughn CRS,GRI,ABR,SRES Broker Associate, Kuper/Sotheby’s Realty San Antonio, TX Tony Romero was my Broker at the Legacy Group of Keller Williams for many years. It was a tremendous era of growth for San Antonio Real Estate and the office flourished under Tony. His ability to articulate the necessary dialogue during negotiations is second to none, and his gifts and talents are in the area of writing and handling people carefully to facilitate a win-win for all parties. Tony was a great Manager and cared greatly for all of his agents.


Posted by Premiere Team

Cindy Baughn – San Antonio, TX

Reyna Lippincott, Licensed Realtor Premiere Team Real Estate Tony is our consultant/broker expert at Premiere Team Real Estate. With the abundance of experience and knowledge, Tony is quick to assist where it counts. Recently, I had an investor that wanted to submit an offer while there were multiple offers ready to be submitted by the seller’s agent. I had one hour to gather the information needed, write up the contract, and deliver it. I didn’t think it would be possible, but with Tony’s brilliant recommendations, I was able to push my buyer’s offer ahead of all others….and it worked; a smooth transaction and closing. Thank you, Tony for your quick response to an almost impossible situation. Posted by; Premiere Team Real Estate

Reyna Lippencott – Austin, TX

Gary Parker,CRS, ABR, CSP, GRI, SFRBroker/Owner Better Homes Realty, Jackson, Mississippi Once again after 34yrs. in the Real Estate Profession, training, seminars, designations and just a whole lot of experience, I have been impressed and overwhelmed again. Tony Romero is one of the most dynamic speakers/Trainers I’ve encountered in a long time. His professionalism and dedication to his beliefs will absolutely blow you away. Now the most impressive thing is that all his theories and training actually works. Once Tony cuts the road, all you have to do is use it and success is on its way. Thanks Tony and may God bless all the people and businesses you touch. Posted by; Premiere Team Real Estate

Gary Parker – Jackson, MS

I have had the great pleasure of working along side of Tony Romero at Premiere Team Real Estate. Tony serves as a Broker Consultant at our firm and offers a wealth of information and experience. He also has proven to be a dynamic trainer and helps to inspire the troops on a daily basis. Being very approachable, Tony maintains an open door ready to help, assist, teach, mentor, or coach both veteran agents to the newest in the industry. Tony helped me when I first came into the industry full time as a Real Estate Agent. His constant idioms, examples, and ideas helped to ensure my success as a new agent. He has the great ability to connect with you and pull out the talent in a short time! We are lucky to have him with us and I’d highly recommend if you have an opportunity to have him speak to your agents — do so! You can learn more from Tony in 5 minutes than you can at most 2 hour MCE classes!! Tony Romero is top notch, professional, witty and a class act!

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Jeff Brannon – Austin, TX

ENRIQUE LOPEZ, Owner/Broker, Re/Max, Lago Vista, TX I have known Tony Romero since 2005 when he began with the Avalar Company. I met him at one of the company conventions in Las Vegas. At the time he was providing training on Management and Recruiting for the managers and brokers of the Company. I was impressed with his knowledge of salesmanship and recruiting and I was able to learn a lot of new concepts on the process of growing an office. I am aware of his record of building and managing several offices of over 100 agents – he obviously knows what he’s doing! Tony is, by far, one of the best recruiters and trainers I have ever met. His experience, enthusiasm and skills are truly exceptional. I look forward to working with him again.

Enrique Lopes – Lago Vista, TX

Laura Rosales-REALTOR® Central Texas Real Estate Professional Tony Romero played a key role in recruiting me at Premiere Team as a Real Estate Professional. From our first meeting, he has always been willing to share his extensive industry knowledge and assist with anything I may need. He not only finds solutions to questions but he truly listens with patience and kindness. Tony has a way of making you feel as though anything can be accomplished and since joining Premiere Team Real Estate, my business has more than doubled! Every time I walk into the office and say “Hi”, he smiles and asks if I need anything. I feel blessed to know him as a business professional as well as a friend. If you work with Tony, you’re on a winning team!

Laura Rosales – Round Rock, TX

Ronald Beard, V.P./General Manager,REALTORS® Planno, TX Having known and worked with Tony for over 2 years, I am still amazed at his knowledge and ability regarding recruiting and training new and seasoned agents. He is the consummate professional, attentive to details, and has a wealth of knowledge regarding salesmanship, marketing, etc.

Ronald Beard – Plano, TX

“We closed on our new house today!! Can’t be more excited to get moved in tomorrow!! And a special thank you to the best realtor in town, Mike Cusimano!!”

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Dan and Jenna Hubbard Johnson – Leander, Texas

I have used Mike Cusimano for several real estate transactions dating back to when he was first starting out and he has always been extremely responsive and provided great service, I highly recommend him!

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate
Round Rock, Austin & Leander Texas

Tom Dimatteo

Mike is a dependable, knowledgeable and trustworthy individual who operates his business in a most professional manner. I would absolutely recommend that you allow Mike to assist you in any Real Estate needs you may have. Mike is a dedicated and focused REALTOR, helped us in price negotiation and getting the house ready with all the fixes needed to be done before selling. He was present at the closing and made sure everything goes smooth and it did. He also helped us buy a house with the same exceptional service and was never pushy to complete the sale.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate
Austin, Texas

Harsh and Vibha Kejriwal

In 2008, my wife and I hired Mike Cusimano to sell our residential lot in River Place. Mike was able to sell the lot for us during a period when others could not sell similar properties. Mike and his aggressive marketing techniques make him the ideal real estate agent to market and sell your properties. Mike is able to get the best price possible for his clients. I will use him again in the future.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate
Austin, Texas

Andrew Miller

Mike Cusimano and his team have helped us both buy and sell our homes on more than one occasion. Mike is not only an expert and well respected in the Austin market, but he has a positive, can-do attitude and gets things done. We were pleased with timing, price, and negotiation of our transactions with Mike. And his team delivers extremely high customer service as well.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Ben and Katy Loranger – Cedar Park, Texas

Mike Cusimano sold my house this year in less than 2 months and he was able to make it a seamless process for me. I highly recommend him as my realtor and I now know why he has such a great reputation for results.

Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate
Austin, Texas


Michelle Weaver

I’ve worked with Mike’s group in helping sell our house in Round Rock. He and his team did a great job and was able to sell the house very quickly and at a good price. I would highly recommend Mike’s group and expertise.

Approved by: Abdul Malik Yoosufani
Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Abdul Malik Yoosufani

Mike delivered results when others couldn’t. He leased up my vacant apartments in record time! I highly recommend his services!

Approved by: Holly McKhann
Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate

Holly McKhann

I’ve known and worked with Mike Cusimano for almost a decade. In those years, I have closed numerous transactions for him and witnessed his growth from a Real Estate agent to a Broker/Owner of his own real estate office. His dedication to his customers is well known throughout the Austin real estate market and is unmatched by any others. I’m very proud to not only have him as a business partner, but also as a friend.

Linda Hubbard

I had the pleasure of working with Mike on a Real Estate sell of 2 properties. The market at the time was at the bottom to say the least. Other agents had offered assistance, but didn’t have a can do attitude about it. Mike’s breadth of knowledge in regards to marketing and real estate make him a success. Mike has proven to be a valuable resource and is always willing to perform beyond expectations to assist in getting the job done. I recommend Mike for his ability to keep striving for results, where others give up.

James Lout

Mike did an excellent job of helping my wife and I buy our first home.

Chris Strawn

Mike Cusimano has been a longtime friend and client. I’ve used him several times for helping me buy and sell properties and it was great having his help…especially for a property I flipped.

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Jim Jordan – Austin, Texas

It is a pleasure to recommend Mike Cusimano with Premiere Team Real Estate for your consideration. I had the pleasure of working with Mike while I served as a Team Leader for Keller Williams in San Antonio. Because of Mike’s success as a REALTOR in Austin, I thought it would be great to have him share some of his experience with my agents.

Mike made the trip to San Antonio and set up a very impressive Power Point presentation for my agents. He explained the importance of Personal Marketing, Branding and persistence in developing a successful real estate business.

Mike shared many stories of his personal transactions, and also explained negotiation strategies in helping both agent and client alike in the closing of a successful sale.

Mike’s enthusiasm and high energy are inspirational. My agents were very impressed with the unselfish sharing of Mike Cusimano. Likewise, they claimed to have learned more from him than from many of the seminars they had previously attended and paid for.

I have personally sought Mike’s opinion and counsel on many occasions and I can truly say, I have always walked away with a refreshing perspective on the business of real estate.

Mike is a hard worker, an advocate for his clients, and a very effective real estate agent. He has my highest recommendation.

Approved by Tony Romero
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Tony Romero – San Antonio, Texas

Odry is really customer oriented. Provides excellent service and support. Pays attention to the details and options that meets my needs. Highly recommended!!

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Ray Luv

Odry was great with helping me purchase my first home in Texas. She responded to all my questions promptly and help guide me with the process. I would definitely recommend Odry to my friends!

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Jodi Rhodes

Working with Odry has been a dream. She provides personalized service and is extremely patient with the large number of emails I have sent her throughout our process. I greatly appreciate how easy to contact she has been – email, phone, text, you name it – she responds! We started looking at houses to rent a little too early for our move-in date; regardless, she has been excellent at finding homes within our date range. She contacts properties on our behalf to verify our dog would be approved before we put out an application to save us time and grief! We finally found the place we want to rent yesterday; she had the application and instructions to us within a half hour of the property tour even though it was a Sunday! Now all we are waiting for is our approval. I highly recommend her working with her and will gladly do so again if we change properties next year.

Jena Naylor

Odry is an exceptional and dedicated Realtor. She helped get my duplex sold quickly and for top price. She’s a great communicator and made the entire process very easy for us. I appreciated her professionalism and would highly recommend her.

Rene Medrano

Curtis has a “can do” attitude who delivers on his promises that speaks to his integrity. I’ve known Curtis since 2001, and have used his services several times knowing he always finds a way to get things done. You can count on him to shoot straight on what has to be done and recommends solutions when there are problems. Stuff happens and he doesn’t rattle.

I think one of his greatest assets is his ability to maybe not know something one day, and then he digs deep to get the answers the next day. Resourceful, honest, and sincere with a country style is the best way to sum the man up.

Feel free to ask to use me as a reference if considering Curtis for any of his services.

Joe Ryan

I worked with Curtis Dulansky when looking for a home in Austin, TX. He was very professional in his approach to finding my current home. Was always on time; available to answer questions at any time; knew the properties in detail before I viewed them, and worked hard to make sure I found the best property for me. I would definitely hire him again as he is the ultimate professional. A pleasure to work with.

Brenda Mastin

My husband and I truly enjoyed working with Curtis when we were buying our first home. He was friendly, informative, and professional. This was our first time buying a house and we were not well versed in many of the processes and steps that needed to be taken and Curtis was very helpful and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain each step of the process and how each step affected our timeline and pocket! It was a pleasure working with Curtis, so much so we now call him a friend, not just our realtor!

Jessica Hegar

Mr. Cusimano’ (and The Premiere Team) service was great.

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Cedar Park, Texas

Laroy Johnson

Mr. Cusimano is an excellent agent.Great job The Premiere Team staff as well

Brett & Larrissa Wright – Austin, TX

Suzanne was very helpful! Always available and always on time!! Thank you so much for all of your and The Premiere Team’s help!!

Alfie Mazziotti – Austin, TX

I have never met anyone in the real estate business that was more on top of her game as Suzanne is – She is rare.

Fred Sassani – Austin, TX

Russell did a great job! The Premiere Team staff did an excellent job as well.

Damon + Adrienne Fleury – Austin, TX

Suzanne Gharavi is wonderful to work with – THANKS =)

Linda duToit & Joel Chapa – Austin, TX

It’s official! We found a house and are now under contract! And thanks to our spectacular agent, Mike Cusimano, we got it for under list price in this crazy market!! We love you man!

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Jenna Hubbard & Dan Johnson – Leander, Texas

Mike (Cusimano and The Premiere Team) is the best REALTOR to work with!

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Austin, Texas

Chin Nguyen and Phan Pho

Suzanne Gharavi was a very professional real estate agent and her support staff was, too.

Ansar Chmeis – Austin, TX

Suzanne was knowledgeable, friendly and always available. Great staff support from The Premiere Team as well. I would recommend her to everyone!!

Karina Escobar – Austin, TX

We are successfully pleased; and in our opinion realtors like Suzanne Gharavi are what we need on any institution to provide the necessary treatment to the customers. Additionally we take this opportunity to let you know that we are pleasantly surprised with the effective service provided by your institution. Once again thanks to PREMIERE TEAM and in particular Suzanne Gharavi for allowing us to make our dream. Thanks.

Luis Castellanos & Adelaida Juez – Austin, TX

It’s amazing how prompt you all are Mike, and The Premiere Team, in responding to our questions!

Ajit Sampalli (buyer & seller) – Austin, TX

The Premiere Team went far beyond just selling a home. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all without them. They are outstanding and very caring. Everyone should use Mike Cusimano.

Patricia Anderson – Austin, TX

We were very pleased with the professional, courteous manner that Mike Cusimano and The Premiere Team conducted their business with.

Chi-Hung Yip & Pamela Lam-Yip – Austin, TX

I thought Korby was very helpful, professional, and courteous.

Marcus Depena & Melissa Barret – Austin, TX

Mike Hill is who you want by your side when buying any kind of real estate!

John B. Fisher – Austin, TX

Mike Hill went (and continues) to make my move from CA to TX as smooth and pleasant as possible. I’m grateful for his guidance and friendship. We couldn’t have done it without you and your staff – The Premiere Team

Richard Schuster – Austin, TX

Just can’t believe how amazing Mike Cusimano & The Premiere Team are & how they returned calls with needed answers so quickly…always professional & sharp appearance. As if we were their favorite clients; this is how all realtors should be. We were actually stunned by Mike’s professionalism, his focus & his truthfulness from the very first phone call to him.

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Austin, Texas

Richard and Holly Aichele

This is my 3rd transaction with Mike Cusimano & The Premiere Team. Obviously I think they do a great job, and have recommended them highly to several people.

Patricia McKenzie – Austin, TX

You guys (The Premiere Team) did great!! This was so painless – it made the move go really smoothly. Thank you so much Mike Cusimano!

Eva Ferguson – Austin, TX

We are very happy with the level of service Mike Cusimano & The Premiere Team provided us with. His knowledge & expertise of Scofield Farms was a plus for us as sellers.

Mark & Sally Shaw – Austin, TX

Suzanne was great throughout the buying process. We looked at both existing houses & new homes, and are very pleased with our selection. Suzanne made this purchase very easy and was very helpful.”- Jonah & Rosie Wilczynski.

Jonah & Rosie – Austin, TX

Recently we had the opportunity of purchase our house. We would like to thank PREMIERE TEAM and especially to SUZANNE GHARAVI for their professionalism and excellent support in the service offered.

Anonymous – Austin, TX

The Premiere Team knows it all. We will continue to recommend Mike Cusimano’s easy-going & friendly service.

Jeff & Ana McPherson – Austin, TX

“I called several Agents on a Saturday morning without one pick up until I called Mike Cusimano. He spoke to me briefly and I was SOLD. He was a hard negotiator, very professional and yet a lot of fun to buy my first house with. Mike is GREAT! I’ll never consider anyone else.”

Betty – Cedar Park, Texas