Best FREE Staging Tips to Sell your Home in Austin

Austin home staging – premiere team real estate

There are many things you can do that are FREE to improve the way your home shows to help get top dollar while selling your home. Here are just three staging tips and techniques to consider when selling your home in Austin Texas.

1) Curb appeal ~ As a Seller, it is very important to make good first impressions so when Buyers are driving around looking for a home to purchase, your house has the best curb appeal which inspires the Buyer to want to see more.

You should mulch the flower beds, keep the lawn mowed and watered, trim the trees, plant flowers and make your home shine from the outside-in; perhaps, even power wash the exterior of the home, the Driveway and sidewalk.

2) De-Clutter ~ Go through your home and “de-clutter and de-personalize” as much as possible.  This includes taking down personal affects such as family photos.  Family photos take the focus of your home away from the Buyer because they are busy looking at photographs of you and your family instead of your home.  Clean up “stuff” lying around the house and take down un-necessary items that clutter the room.  You have to pack at some point anyway, so go ahead and purchase some nice boxes and start packing them.  You can label them for the move and set them aside in your Garage for the big day.  And don’t forget to repair any broken cabinet doors or appliances.

3) Hold an Open House ~ This is a great way to get your home noticed.  Give your home the WOW factor it needs to impress potential buyers.  At this point, your home should be in Tip-Top shape, and ready for potential Buyers.  The last minute details are extremely important.  Bake a tray of cookies so the aroma is floating in the house or light some scented candles.  Let all the light in by open blinds and shades, and turn on all the lights in the home, as well.  Most importantly, safe guard your personal items.  There are a lot of “nosey” people that will take opportunity to look through your drawers and closet, and you do not want anything of value sitting out.  Heaven forbid there is a thief among the prospective buyers, so let’s not tempt an otherwise honest person.

Just remember, you must take out your own emotions and attachment to your home and present what you think other people would like to see in a home that would attract them to yours over the other homes for sale in the area.

By Rue Dwyer, REALTOR with Premiere Team Real Estate