How to Send a Text Message from your Email Account

How to do you Send a Text Message from your Email Account?

Hello, I’m a real estate agent in Austin, Texas where understanding and using technology is very important and expected especially in my field. Have you ever wanted or needed to send a text from your email account?  Well, I needed to last night and fortunately I found an answer that worked for me thanks to Google. Of course, most people will probably not use this method most of the time but it doesn’t hurt to know how to when you do. Here’s how it works.

You can use any email to send to send a text to a cell phones at the following companies. Just replace number with the 10 digit cellphone number you want to text to.

AT&T: (text)
AT&T: (pictures)
Metro PCS:
Virgin Mobile:
Verizon: (text)
Verizon: (pictures)