Simple Ways to Go Green – Save the Planet

If you live in or around Austin, Texas “Green” does not always mean the color.  In fact, most Austinites (people who live in Austin, Texas) associate the word green as “Going Green” or  practicing an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyle as well as making decisions to help protect the environment and sustain natural resources.

There are many ways to “Go Green” that takes very little effort and saves you money instantly.  Here are just a few to get started.

  • Replace your current light bulbs with LED bulbs  – They burn brighter, for longer and stay at room temperature using far less energy lowering your electric bill. Yes, you can replace them while they are in use.
  • Recycle your glass, plastic and aluminum items.  It only takes a few extra seconds to do and your kids and their kids and so on will appreciate it.
  • Only use lights when necessary  and turn them  off when not in use – Open your windows for natural light and start enjoying the view.
  • Install sun tunnels or sky lights in your ceiling – Another great way to add natural light in.
  • Turn down your thermostat when you leave for work, or use a programmable thermostat to control your heating and cooling settings.
  • Plant a garden – Growing your own vegetables is a simple way to bring fresh and nutritious food literally to your doorstep.
  • Raise your own chickens – This new fad sweeping the nation allows for daily fresh eggs and natural raised chicken
  • Stop paper waste – Read your newspaper, review your bank statements and pay your bills online

For more tips on ways to “Save the Planet” request a copy of  “50 Ways to Go Green in 2015” email Mike Cusimano, Broker with Premiere Team Real Estate and one of Austin’s top selling Agents for 23 years, at or 512-795-9918.