Tips on Selling your House without an Agent – FSBO

by premiere1

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is the process of selling real estate without the representation of a real estate broker or real estate agent.
According to the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, 36% of homeowners who decided to FSBO last year did so to avoid paying a commission or fee. Buyers think that they will get a better deal buying from the seller directly.

In other words, sellers think they are going to make more money without an agent and buyers think they will save at least 6% or more by buying a FSBO. Actually, homes that sold with an agent net 6% or more than those sold as a FSBO according to Collateral Analytics! And FSBO had to do all of the work that both the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent would normally do.

On average, most FSBO over price their homes from the start then end up selling their homes for less than it is worth. Before you decide to take on the challenges of selling your house on your own, let’s get together to discuss the advantages of having an agent on your side, the best strategy on selling your home and where to price it to get the most money.

Published on 2019-01-27 16:31:50