Why Some Homes Sell Faster in Austin Texas

Can Anyone Sell a Home in Austin Texas?

If you are not an experienced real estate agent in Austin Texas you are more likely to sell a home for 11% to 15% less and with more problems. Though there are many reasons why an expert Realtor can sell your home for more money with less problems, preparing your home for sale is very important.

If you are selling your home here is an overview on some of those things that reflect the condition and ultimately the value Buyers will place on your property:

Curb Appeal

Edge the lawn and cut the grass, trim all shrubs and replace mulch. Stage your patio by cleaning patio furniture and set the table with a few well paced decorations. Consider updating the brass on your front door and paint it if necessary. Insure your driveway is clean and have it power washed if it is stained.


De-clutter counter tops. Clean the appliances to insure there are no grease build up or water spots. Clean backsplashes and tile counter tops to include replacing missing grout. Sinks should appear polished and reflect absolute cleanliness.


Remove clutter and organize items on the shelves. Power-wash the floor and consider sealing and painting it with a semi-gloss gray or light brown stain. Brighten the garage by replacing incandescent bulbs with two 36” florescent lights.


Clean exterior or paint as required. Clean windows and replace torn screens. Consider updating exterior lighting with fluorescent type bulbs and newer updated hardware. Repair any wood rot. Replace loose or missing grout and touch up paint if necessary.


Clean grout and caulking; replace if necessary. Clean mirrors, glass, chrome, and porcelain surfaces. Replace shower curtain if necessary. Fix any faucet drips or leaks.


Remove as much from the closets as possible. Donate items to the Salvation Army. Evenly space hangers and organize the minimum amount of items on shelves.

Living Areas

Touch up paint or re-paint house with soft neutral colors. Clean carpets and all other flooring. Insure all lighting is working and use bright bulbs to enhance the house appearance. Remove family pictures to de-personalize the home. Have the fireplace cleaned and serviced.

Courtesy of Tony Romero
Posted by: Premiere Team Real Estate