Texas Homestead Exemptions


Homestead Exemption
Texas is a Homestead State and therefore offers a Homestead Exemption for home owners.  The Texas Homestead Exemption began as protection for the wives and children of the early settlers in the event the man of the house was killed.  This exemption protected the home(stead) of the wives and children of a deceased breadwinner from being removed or taken away because of some improper or manufactured claim of debt. 
As a state constitutional protection, it has withstood the test of time and remains virtually unchanged.

The Texas Homestead Exemption Act – What is a Homestead Exemption and how does it work?  

Why should I Homestead?  *It can lower your property taxes and can protect you from creditors

BEWARE:  This is a FREE Service.  It will only cost you a stamp and about 5 minutes to complete the form.

How do I get a Texas Homestead Exemption on my house?

  • Download the appropiate Homestead Exemption Form below
  • Fill out the form completely
  • Mail it to the requested return address on the form by May 15th


Homestead Exemption Forms for Hays County, Travis County & Williamson County